Just For Fun

Have Fun!

Like games? Can't refuse a good challenge? Try civil engineering out for yourself!


The Skyscraper ChallengeThe Skyscraper Challenge
Help fix three struggling skyscrapers.

The Bridge ChallengeThe Bridge Challenge
Help the city of Craggy Rock build four new bridges.

The Dam ChallengeThe Dam Challenge
Repair it? Replace it? Leave it alone? You decide.

The Tunnel ChallengeThe Tunnel Challenge
Choose a location, pick a tunnel-digging technique, and see how long it takes you to dig a mile-long tunnel!

The Dome ChallengeThe Dome Challenge
Char County needs three new domes for very different reasons. Help them find the perfect dome for the right location.

Forces LabForces Lab
Explore how forces act on big structures

Materials LabMaterials Lab
What you build a structure out of is just as important as how you build it. Find out why.

Loads LabLoads Lab
Explore how different loads affect big structures.

Shapes LabShapes Lab
The shape of a structure affects how strong it is. Try it out for yourself.

Dish it OutDish it Out
Set up ramps to get the Mysterious Dim Sum ball into the take-out container!

Try EngineeringTry Engineering
Play trivia games, learn how to design a parachute, design a house that uses the sun, and help save the planet from ecological devastation.

Engineering for EarthquakesEngineering for Earthquakes
Design a bridge that can withstand a strong earthquake by making design decisions.


Gumdrop DomeGumdrop Dome
Build a geodesic dome out of gumdrops and toothpicks!

Build a ClubhouseBuild a Clubhouse
Construct a globe-shaped house for you and your friends to use as a clubhouse!

Stack 'Em Up!Stack 'Em Up!
Could you build a tower just made out of cups? How high could you go?

Under PressureUnder Pressure
Test how much weight a single piece of paper can support when you simply change its shape!

Paper TablePaper Table
Design and build a table out of newspaper tubes - it's more challenging than you think!

High RiseHigh Rise
Build a tower that can support a tennis ball at least 18 inches off the ground while withstanding the wind from a fan.

Can a toilet-paper tube support your weight? Find out by trying this activity.

Paper BridgePaper Bridge
Can you build a bridge that holds 100 pennies, using 1 sheet of paper and up to 5 paper clips? Find out how!


PBS's Design Squad EpisodesPBS's Design Squad Episodes
Watch Design Squad teams take raw materials and work together to solve a design challenge.

Design Our FutureDesign Our Future
Watch this exciting video about the benefits of a career in engineering.

Falkirk WheelFalkirk Wheel
Watch an amazing engineering feat in action: the world's only rotating boat lift.

Falkirk WheelFuture Cities
The National Engineers Week Future City competition aims to stir interest in science, technology, engineering and math among young people. Students work in teams under the guidance of a teacher and a volunteer engineer-mentor to design and build a city of tomorrow.


National Engineers' Week Future City CompetitionNational Engineers' Week Future City Competition
This engineering program for seventh and eighth graders challenges students to present their vision of a city of the future.



A Sightseer's Guide to EngineeringA Sightseer's Guide to Engineering
Engineering is all around you! Find engineering feats in your own back yard or around the country.