Civil What?

Aqua Appia

Built in 312 B.C. during the Roman Republic, this aqueduct stretched 8 miles to the Sabine Hills outside Rome.

Chicago River

In 1900, this enormous project kept Chicago's sewage from flowing into Lake Michigan. Today, the Chicago River is a centerpiece of the city.

Edmonston Pumping Station

14 giant pumps, each standing as tall as a six story building raise water from the California aqueduct nearly 2,000 feet across the Tehachpi Mountains.

John Snow

The 1848 cholera epidemic in England lead physician John Snow to the understanding that public water supplies spread cholera.

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Photos courtesy of: Aqua Appia - Wilke D. Schramm (J.B. Piranessi); Chicago River - ser.ddima on Flickr; Edmonston Pumping Station - CA Dept of Water Resources; John Snow - Wikipedia