Civil What?

Galvaston TX Flood

To raise the city of Galveston, engineers lifted each home on jacks or stilts and then pumped wet sand underneath until the ground was level with the raised structure.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

This bridge had the nickname "Galloping Girtie" because the bridge twisted and turned in even weak wind. Engineers learned a lot when on November 7, 1940, it collapsed during a 42-mph windstorm.

One World Trade Center

Engineers have been busy designing and constructing One World Trade Center which sits where the Towers once stood. Their work pays tribute to the thousands who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

Japan Tsunami

A 9.0 magnitude quake created waves up to 33 ft high that swept ashore in Japan destroying everything in their path. Civil engineers will design ways to rebuild an even stronger Japan for many years.

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Photos courtesy of: Galvaston TX Flood - Jason Tinder on FlickR; Tacoma Narrows Bridge - University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, UW21422; One World Trade Center - asterix611 on FlickR; Japan tsunami - yisris on FlickR