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Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Veccio, which means "Old Bridge" is the oldest of the six bridges in Florence Italy. It's one of the city's most recognized images.

The Iron Bridge

In Coalbrookdal, England, the world's first all metal bridge was built of cast iron by Abraham Darby in 1779.

The Brooklyn Bridge

When her husband got sick in 1872, Emily Roebling took charge of the Brooklyn bridge construction. She earned the title of Chief Engineer creating one of her era's great engineering achievements.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

This Florida bridge spanning Tampa Bay has the longest concrete span at 1200 ft.

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Photos courtesy of: Ponte Vecchio - ASCE purchased rights ; The Iron Bridge - © 2000 WGBH; The Brooklyn Bridge - Museum of the City of New York, Photo Archives; The Sunshine Skyway Bridge - A200Wells on FlickR