Civil What?

Civil engineering has shaped history
for thousands of years! Clean water, trade,
transportation, and amazing structures are all possible
because of it. Explore how civil engineering is making history.

  • 3000 bce
  • 0 ce
  • 2011 ce

2850 bce


Sadd el-Kafara, 2850 BCE

62 ft. high and made of earth and rocks, this ancient Egyptian dam is the world’s oldest.

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1345 ce


Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence, 1345 CE

An Italian Renaissance stone arch bridge that used a flat arch (instead of round). Modern bridges are based on its proportions.

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1956 ce

Roads and Transit

Interstate Highway System, 1956 CE

The US Interstate Highway System is its biggest and most important transportation network. It makes it easier to get supplies to almost all major U.S. cities.

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300 bce

Water Supply

Aqua Appia, 300 BCE

The first Roman aqueduct, a water supply system that brought spring water to the city of Rome, was almost all underground.

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1450 ce


Machu Picchu, 1450 CE

This historical Inca site is an example of a sustainable ecological system built by humans.

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1900 ce


Galveston Seawall, 1900 CE

Engineers raised the entire city of Galveston 17 feet and built this seawall to protect it from another deadly disaster.

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Photos courtesy of: Sadd el Kafara - Jean-Luc Frerotte; Ponte Vecchio - ASCE purchased rights; interstate highway system - ASCE purchased rights; Aqua Appia - Wilke D. Schramm (J.B. Piranessi); Machu Picchu - ASCE purchased rights; Galvaston TX Flood - Jason Tinder on FlickR;